Brahmins on the basis of caste

Thousands of years of tradition and chronology have become thousands of types of Brahmins on the basis of caste. Different types of North Indian Brahmins are different but different types of South Indian Brahmins In North India, where Braves like Saraswat, Sarvaparis, Gurjar Gaur, Satyatha, Oriya, Parashar will be found, there are three sects of Brahmins in South India - the Smriti sect, Sri Vishnav Sampraday and Madhav Samradaya. Thousands of them are sub-sects.

According to the Puranas, Brahma was the son of Lord Vishnu's navel lotus, Brahmarshinam by Brahma. There was a son named Parabraham in that son's family, he had a grace, and he had two sons, his younger son was Shakti. Shakti has five sons. The first son of that was Parshik Samaj from Parashar, Saraswat Society of the second son Saraswat, the Gaud community from the third Gwala Rishi, the Gujjar Gaud society from the fourth son Gautam, his dynasty Shikhwal society from the fifth son Shrunchinga, the Daima or the Dadhich society from the sixth son Dadhich. In this way thousands of types will be found in the Puranas.

Apart from this, it is believed that the descendants of the Saptishis are Brahmin. If you read the texts of Jainism, then the description of the origins of Brahmins will be found separately. Read the scriptures of the Buddhists, then there is a different description. But the best is found only in Vedas and memories.
But we are not talking about the kind of caste base here.


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